Our mission is to bring together the most World Federations possible to realize a World Championships for all, an event that means not only the competitive aspect but also to embrace universal values like friendship, loyalty, diligence, martial culture, courtesy.

Martial Arts and Combat Sports are an essential vehicle towards these objectives. For this reason the Unified World Championships, which brings together more than 30 World Federations, and it’s rising exponentially, offer a glimpse of all the Oriental countries, with the largest Orient Festival in the world that represents, together with the agonistic part, an extraordinary mean for meeting and friendship.


Mr. Michele Panfietti (Italy)



Mr. Cristiano Radicchi (Italy)



Mr. Alexander Sosnin (Russia)

Mr. Terry Johnston (England)

Mr. Pete Foley (Ireland)

Mr. Allan Stewart (Scotland)

Mr. Fritz Exenberger (Austria)

Mr. Raul Gutierrez Lopez (Chile)

Mr. Alessandro Sorce (Germany)