The Unified World Championships is not simply a great merge of many federations…Our mission is to unify the most World Federations possible.
Today over 28!!!! world federations have joined the Unified World Championships, where participating 5.000 athletes from over 107 countries. To win it means to have reached the highest competitive level but, at the same time, only partecipating means emotions, friendship, respect, loyalty, passion, with a spirit of joy that sets us apart from any other event.

It’s an ambitious project, with the goal to reach to two ways for martial arts athletes: the Official Championships of the single recognized federations or the Unified World Championships for All, composed by all the other federations in the world, that represent numerically the 80% of the practitioners

This Unified World Championship is a new way of understanding a great martial arts event: competition at the highest level and, at the same time, participation for all, just like in the spirit of the New York Marathon.

A legendary event!!!